Saturday Apr 27, 2024

Live coaching call- Feeling stuck & not connecting with clients (138)

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In this episode, join the powerful conversation with Aubrey Bahr, a remarkable subconscious release technique practitioner, and Jessie, a courageous emotion code practitioner. Together, they navigate through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneurial healer. They explore the tenets of coaching interdependence, the value of diverse viewpoints, and delving beyond our innate limiting beliefs and fears that often lead to a stressful entrepreneurial journey.

Get ready to traverse Jessie's story, dealing with self-doubt, stagnation, and the feeling of being ensnared in her profession and motherhood. Throughout this  conversation, they give insights into achieving balance, evaluating self-worth discerningly, enhancing communication, embracing evolving self-changes, and squaring off fears. All towards building a fulfilling life on both personal and professional fronts.

As we proceed, we explore how transforming beliefs can stir feelings of instability but also pave the way for growth and new opportunities. You will uncover how emotions are inextricably linked with our entrepreneurial endeavors, making this episode a treasure trove filled with wisdom about personal development, self-consciousness, and business.

Our conversation moves towards undertaking the challenging task of letting go of deeply entrenched subconscious programs and fears. By incorporating guided muscle testing and releasing procedures, you will learn to exhale negativity and inhale positivity, thereby promoting deeper introspection. We learn to clear heavy emotional weights attached to certain words and expressions, replacing them with trust, gratitude, and love. This ultimately facilitates overall healing and personal growth.

Our meeting is an open arena for fearlessly exploring personal struggles and is designed specifically for creative business owners. Don't hesitate to join our community for more sessions, and embark on your healing journey towards a better future. The perks? You'll enjoy premium access to our courses and more. Remember to share your review and spread the word among your entrepreneurial friends. Get the link to our community membership in the show notes. You are just one step away from a transformative journey!

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