Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Feeling blocked creatively? Try these easy steps today (128)

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Welcome creative entrepreneurs! You love what you do, and I am grateful to be with you on this journey. Your feedbacks on the podcast have been incredibly inspiring. If you're enjoying the content and haven't left a review yet, I would greatly appreciate if you could take some time to write one. It helps more people discover this resource.

In this episode, we discuss creativity and how we can optimize it. Whether you're a photographer, designer, entrepreneur or simply a hobbyist, creativity is essential in bringing your ideas to life. However, we all experience moments where inspiration seems hard to come by. So how do we keep the creative juices flowing?


I share some tips that have worked for me. As a subconscious release technique practitioner, I believe in the energy flow within our bodies affecting our mind and creativity. One of the keys is movement. Don’t stay stuck at your desk for too long. Get up, move around and stimulate the flow of energy within you. Ground yourself by imagining your feet as being connected to the earth. I find immense joy in my beach walks and grounding myself aids in clearing my mind, helping me think better. If you can't do it physically due to certain circumstances, trick your mind by visualising.

If you're facing an ongoing creative block, shake things up with some movement. Dancing works for me. Or try some hip openers in yoga or any stretching to get your energy flowing. It's an immediate hack to your creative block. But remember, like a Band-Aid, this isn’t a permanent solution. Addressing the root problem would yield longer-lasting results.

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