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Calling all Growth Mindset Creatives! Are you struggling with fatigue and a lack of creative inspiration in your professional or personal life? These emotions often lead many individuals to contemplate giving up and feeling creative blocks. The demands of work and the overwhelming nature of daily life drive us to seek solutions to break free from the same old routine. Unfortunately, the resources available often provide only temporary relief, failing to address the root causes. However, you won’t encounter such superficial fixes here. Through this podcast, I will give you with the tools to overcome these limiting beliefs that keep you from success in a competitive and sometimes oversaturated market. My mission is clear: to guide you in navigating the challenges of being a business owner while addressing past traumas and negative beliefs. By doing so, we can achieve holistic healing and live purposefully with a growth mindset. I’m Aubrey, an intuitive Coach and healer with 16 years of experience. Alongside my 9 years of running a successful photography business, my expertise as a Reiki Master and Subconscious Release Technique Practitioner has provided profound insights into the workings of the mind. My personal journey has taught me invaluable lessons, empowering me to transcend life’s obstacles and manifest the life I truly deserve. Join us in the Deep Healing for the Creative Soul course and access the support you need to overcome imposter syndrome, creative blocks, and burnout. Our program focuses on three key areas: 1)Developing Your Intuition 2)Releasing Subconscious Programs (or negative thought patterns) 3)Implementing Long-Term Healing Strategies Don’t let exhaustion and self-doubt hinder your artistic expression. Rekindle your passion for creativity and embark on a journey of deep healing. Visit for more information or contact to get started.

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Tuesday May 14, 2024

Get my Emotional intelligence proven system by joining this self-led course Deep Healing for the Creative Soul.
In this eye-opening episode, our discussion revolves around emotional intelligence and its powerful role in our lives and businesses. We'll discuss the definition of emotional intelligence, the signs of its missing in your life or business, and what strategic steps you can take to cultivate it.
In this podcast I hope to guide you towards a life of fulfillment, creativity and thriving in both your personal life and your business. Isn't that what we all want? 
In our exploration of emotional intelligence, we unpack startling insights, such as its potential to determine successes and failures in life. There is no denying its value in our everyday dealings, allowing us to navigate difficulties with grace and ease.
In the episode we'll discuss a proven system that can be incorporated daily to assist in managing life's ups and downs. I'll explain my analogy of a cup full of water and how we are all walking around carrying too much emotional weight. 
Learn why releasing these stumbling blocks is crucial before you can benefit from affirmations, visualization work, and meditation. By focusing on draining this 'cup' of burdens, you enable yourself to grow in leaps and bounds instead of being stuck in personal and spiritual stagnation.

Friday May 10, 2024

Are you going through something difficult and need help processing it all. Check out my private sessions, use code "May" and grab one before they run out!
Ever feel like you're losing track of your vision as a business owner? In this episode, listen as your host, Aubrey, known for her subconscious release technique work talks about how to rediscover your purpose and realize the value you put out to the world.
She shares her experience helping her client through a challenging time and the profound impact it had on her client's life two years later, reminding us how significant our impact can be. She also discusses her struggles with sharing success stories that aren't hers to tell. With her story, Aubrey hopes to inspire other business owners to focus on their purpose and recognize the positive changes they have made in people's lives.
Aubrey also encourages you to engage in self-reflection and list out their victories, no matter how small they may seem. If there are no immediate wins, she suggests examining where the blockages might lie and proposes that an emotional disconnect could be the culprit. To her, even past wins are worth counting as these are a reminder of what you've been able to accomplish so far.
Don’t miss this inspiring episode and get a renewed sense of purpose in your entrepreneurial journey. Rediscover your 'why', give yourself some credit, and realize that your impact is far more profound than you might think!
If you're interested in delving deeper and would like to avail of private sessions, check out the link in the show notes. As Aubrey believes, healing isn't a temporary solution - it's a complete transformation.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

In today's episode, Aubrey Bahr, an expert in subconscious release techniques, dives into the key role our subconscious programming plays in shaping our creativity. As a creative entrepreneur herself, she sheds light on the common pitfall of depleting our creative resources and leading to burnout. She shares her personal experiences and she emphasizes the importance of mindful management of our creativity in business and life.
Aubrey shares how to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks that cause stress and anxiety, insights that will pave the way for personal and professional growth. She explores the negative and limiting programs of the subconscious mind that obstruct our creative process, encouraging listeners to embark on a self-reflective journey to confront and overcome such inhibitors.
This episode also guides you through a hands-on exercise aimed at identifying and releasing subconscious emotional blocks, from the mind and the body. 
This is perfect for those feeling stuck in their creative pursuits or entrepreneurs on the verge of burnout, it brings you one step closer to understanding and overcoming subconscious barriers to creativity.
Are you dealing with creative blocks, burnout and/or imposter syndrome? Check out Aubrey's program Deep Healing for the Creative Soul. 
Use the code "podcast" to sign up for 25% off. 

Friday May 03, 2024

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Welcome to a powerful discussion on the untapped power — confidence, with your host, Aubrey. In todays episode, we dive into the concept of building your self-confidence, the real obstacle to your growth and success.
Nobody but YOU hold the power to calibrate your self-esteem; it is exclusively yours to grow or yours to surpress.
Confidence is largely overlooked in personal development and holds so much power. As Aubrey bravely shares her journey of finding her confidence as a photographer, mindset coach, and intuitive worker, she shines a light on the secret to becoming a person who commands attention in a room without uttering a word — authenticity.
We explore an interesting study finding that authenticity has a higher vibration than love. This episode invites a thoughtful reflection on how your understanding of your purpose contributes towards enhancing authenticity and boosting confidence.
The episode is packed with valuable perspectives, sharing insightful observations, and heartening advice for those who question their worth and abilities on their journey. We discuss the importance of standing tall and the capability within to overcome all obstacles, dare to dream, and act incisively.
Fighting imposter syndrome and tuning into your intuition will bring crucial for your growth. Understanding the power of resilience, the determination to get up every time you stumble, lays the solid foundation for a confident, successful mindset.
You will also learn about the profound impact of gratitude on your confidence and energy levels. Embodying gratitude can significantly change your vibrational energy and contribute to personal growth, ultimately steering you towards your authentic self. All you need is a moment each day to immerse yourself in the feelings of gratitude and I'll walk you through how to do just that. 
This enlightening episode is guaranteed to inspire and uplift those in need of a confidence boost and might be your kick-start towards becoming the best version of yourself. Be prepared to unleash your powerful, authentic self with newfound confidence and resilience.
Join us and be a part of our community of like-minded individuals thriving in our unique creative businesses. See you soon!
Check out my free meditation to help you feel more worthy and confident. 

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Hey friend,
There are a couple spots left in We Are Magnetic Women where you can join us in monthly nervous system resets as well as life-changing programs and group Subconscious Release Technique Session. Check it out here. 
I had a client this morning who needed help with her nervous system regulation. Maybe you don't know what this is, allow me to explain it to you.
In this episode, we will connect the dots between your triggers and reactions to the outside world and what's really going on in the inside. We will dive into three simple and easy things you can do right now to help you feel more grounded and shift your perspective towards hope and out of anxiety. 
Debunk the limitations brought about by the term "dysregulated nervous system" and learn how to identify such scenarios in your daily life.
Allow yourself to be open to what your own nervous system is telling you. Understanding its role under various life situations, from minor triggers to extreme cases like a car accident can help you finally start transformation from extremely stressed to calm and collected. 
Embrace my top three favorite ways for home-based nervous system regulation, including singing, laughter, and EFT Tapping. Discover how easy day-to-day activities like laughter and singing can act as a potent tool to shake up your nervous system, releasing pent-up tension and anxiety.
This eye-opening episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to add some disruptive yet refreshing transformations in their life by fostering healthier nervous system responses. Prepare to metamorphose your life and business because you are precious, and you are born to thrive.
In this intriguing journey, also learn about tapping, common issues encountered like feeling trapped, the art of meditation, its similarities to prayer, and how understanding and addressing these undercurrents are pivotal in taking control over anxiety, facilitating better nervous system regulation. This in-depth episode will leave you feeling more grounded, more in sync with yourself, and will quite possibly shift your perspective in life-affirming directions.

Saturday Apr 27, 2024

Join us in We are Magnetic Women Membership to get access to coaching like this and additional self-paced courses. 
In this episode, join the powerful conversation with Aubrey Bahr, a remarkable subconscious release technique practitioner, and Jessie, a courageous emotion code practitioner. Together, they navigate through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneurial healer. They explore the tenets of coaching interdependence, the value of diverse viewpoints, and delving beyond our innate limiting beliefs and fears that often lead to a stressful entrepreneurial journey.
Get ready to traverse Jessie's story, dealing with self-doubt, stagnation, and the feeling of being ensnared in her profession and motherhood. Throughout this  conversation, they give insights into achieving balance, evaluating self-worth discerningly, enhancing communication, embracing evolving self-changes, and squaring off fears. All towards building a fulfilling life on both personal and professional fronts.
As we proceed, we explore how transforming beliefs can stir feelings of instability but also pave the way for growth and new opportunities. You will uncover how emotions are inextricably linked with our entrepreneurial endeavors, making this episode a treasure trove filled with wisdom about personal development, self-consciousness, and business.
Our conversation moves towards undertaking the challenging task of letting go of deeply entrenched subconscious programs and fears. By incorporating guided muscle testing and releasing procedures, you will learn to exhale negativity and inhale positivity, thereby promoting deeper introspection. We learn to clear heavy emotional weights attached to certain words and expressions, replacing them with trust, gratitude, and love. This ultimately facilitates overall healing and personal growth.
Our meeting is an open arena for fearlessly exploring personal struggles and is designed specifically for creative business owners. Don't hesitate to join our community for more sessions, and embark on your healing journey towards a better future. The perks? You'll enjoy premium access to our courses and more. Remember to share your review and spread the word among your entrepreneurial friends. Get the link to our community membership in the show notes. You are just one step away from a transformative journey!

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Check out Deep Healing for the Creative Soul where Aubrey dives into healing the body, mind and soul for Artists.
Join the email list for the latest on the podcast, retreats and classes. 
Welcome to a captivating episode that delves into the world of body work, focusing specifically on the lesser-known but vastly beneficial craniosacral massage therapy. We explore its role in enhancing our physical health, and the immense potential it holds in maintaining a more balanced version of ourselves.
Our host, Aubrey Bahr, a certified Subconscious Release Technique practitioner, presents strategies for deep healing, particularly tailored for creative entrepreneurs. Shedding light on different types of body work, Aubrey offers a comprehensive analysis of craniosacral therapy.
The episode takes you on a journey through the cerebral spinal fluid system, explaining how craniosacral therapy aids in its optimal function. Learn about this non-invasive technique and its effectiveness in treating various ailments, from trauma triggered by acute incidents to chronic adult and infant conditions.
We further delve into the fascinating field of holistic therapy, unraveling how craniosacral therapy addresses imbalances and unblocks physical and emotional obstacles. The discussion further expounds on the therapists' ability to detect and deal with barricades in our system, especially in the pelvis and stomach areas.
Discover real-life examples of the transformative power of craniosacral therapy through the story of a woman who had a fall and experienced remarkable improvement after just one session. The episode also explores the therapy's potential benefits extend to infants struggling with breastfeeding and pregnant women.
This episode is a gem for those seeking ways to better understand their bodies, manage work schedules effectively, and explore therapeutic options like craniosacral therapy. Join us and tap into this wealth of knowledge that could potentially transform your health and well-being.
Find a Practitioner close to you here. 

Friday Apr 19, 2024

Join us in this program for People Pleasers and finally heal the desire to make every one else happy before yourself. 
In this episode, we delve into the common struggles with people-pleasing, particularly the underlying fears stemming from past traumas. I reveal valuable insights brought about by a question from Lisa, a member of my course, who highlighted the connection between people-pleasing and fear responses like abandonment, rejection, and retaliation. Unpacking these issues can offer a clear understanding of how past experiences can trickle into our current behaviors and attitudes.
We delve into how these fears can hold us captive, induce anxiety, and manifest as habitual people-pleasing behaviors. I also share my own experiences and how I consciously work towards avoiding burnout by prioritizing self-care.
But understanding these problems isn't enough to facilitate growth and transformation. In the course, I reveal how we practically go about resolving these issues and replacing fear with positive self-love, and attitudes that set us up for success in our personal and business lives.So, I invite you to set off on this path of self-discovery and healing - because you are worth it, and you are meant to thrive!
Feel free to share this episode with anyone struggling with people-pleasing or fear of abandonment and let's awaken hope together. Don't forget to leave a review, subscribe, and join our creative community.
Tune in for a transformative conversation that helps deconstruct the roots of fear and provides practical steps to healing.
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Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Check out the We Are Magnetic Women Membership here.
Welcome to "Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs," a podcast exploring the intersection of mindset and creativity hosted by your guide, Aubrey Bahr. This episode dives into the intricate dynamics of groups and mentorships, providing pertinent insights to aid your future decisions.
Aubrey lays bare the undefined influence of personal inner healing on marketing approaches, sharing wisdom from her experiences as a guest expert in elite mastermind groups. She discusses the readiness required to undertake the intensive work of personal healing, in tandem with staying authentic amidst struggles for acceptance.
Discover how to approach challenging feedback, as Aubrey shares her strategies for retaining resolve and returning as a guest speaker, even after initial disappointments. The episode revolves around "soul-aligned marketing," offering tips on identifying whether a group, mentorship, or membership resonates with you.
Uncover the essence of an open, safe group environment and why its support is crucial. Aubrey puts forward valuable insights on selecting suitable mentors or communities, offers guidance on personal growth, and shares relatable experiences to help steer your decision-making process.
Business success often hinges on identifying opportunities aligned with your values and objectives. This episode unpacks the decision-making process involving personal and business growth opportunities, stressing the need to measure your capabilities alongside the actual merits of opportunities before committing.
In the context of mentorship programs or membership groups, the role of dedicated investment of time, effort, and finances are discussed. The episode emphasizes the pivotal role of active participation in reaping the comprehensive benefits of any growth opportunity.
The episode further examines the contrast between decision making driven by fear versus abundance. It reminds listeners that decisions should be grounded on firm, positive beliefs, avoiding fear-induced choices.
Learn how to evaluate potential mentors or memberships, with an emphasis on trusting your intuition and conducting thorough background checks. The show underscores the importance of self-trust in your journey of personal and business growth.
In conclusion, the episode suggests that successful decision making for growth opportunities depends on understanding both the opportunity and your place within that opportunity. Remember, your intuition is the perfect compass on this journey.

Friday Apr 12, 2024

Stay in the know with the podcast and upcoming programs by clicking here
In this eye-opening episode, I delve into a topic frequently on my mind: the contrast between feminine and masculine energy. I examine the way we usually navigate our lives and businesses with masculine energy, which might not work for us women long-term. I highlight how our society often pushes women to put others before themselves and how this habit affects our lives and harms our businesses. When we prioritize others, we leave not only ourselves but also opportunities behind.
We discuss what happens when we consistently go about our routines, frequenting our favorite spots, and completing our everyday tasks the same way. While routines can offer comfort, they can also limit our exposure to new and exciting opportunities. Sometimes, we need to shake up the norm and put ourselves in unique situations, exercising our flexibility and openness to change.
In order to craft healthier and more productive ways of living, it's critical to understand where your energy goes and how you can harness it for the better. This episode provides valuable insight into assessing our lives so that we can begin making small changes that will open up new paths and possibilities. Listen in for a deeper comprehension of how feminine and masculine energy impact our decisions and actions, and learn how you can begin to create room for growth, both personally and professionally.
This podcast is intended for anyone looking for a fresh perspective on their life and business. If you're keen on living more authentically, embracing change, challenging societal norms, and opening your life to new opportunities, this episode is a must-listen!


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