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Calling all Growth Mindset Creatives! Are you struggling with fatigue and a lack of creative inspiration in your professional or personal life? These emotions often lead many individuals to contemplate giving up and feeling creative blocks. The demands of work and the overwhelming nature of daily life drive us to seek solutions to break free from the same old routine. Unfortunately, the resources available often provide only temporary relief, failing to address the root causes. However, you won’t encounter such superficial fixes here. Through this podcast, I will give you with the tools to overcome these limiting beliefs that keep you from success in a competitive and sometimes oversaturated market. My mission is clear: to guide you in navigating the challenges of being a business owner while addressing past traumas and negative beliefs. By doing so, we can achieve holistic healing and live purposefully with a growth mindset. I’m Aubrey, an intuitive Coach and healer with 16 years of experience. Alongside my 9 years of running a successful photography business, my expertise as a Reiki Master and Subconscious Release Technique Practitioner has provided profound insights into the workings of the mind. My personal journey has taught me invaluable lessons, empowering me to transcend life’s obstacles and manifest the life I truly deserve. Join us in the Deep Healing for the Creative Soul course and access the support you need to overcome imposter syndrome, creative blocks, and burnout. Our program focuses on three key areas: 1)Developing Your Intuition 2)Releasing Subconscious Programs (or negative thought patterns) 3)Implementing Long-Term Healing Strategies Don’t let exhaustion and self-doubt hinder your artistic expression. Rekindle your passion for creativity and embark on a journey of deep healing. Visit for more information or contact to get started.

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Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

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Welcome to "Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs," a podcast exploring the intersection of mindset and creativity hosted by your guide, Aubrey Bahr. This episode dives into the intricate dynamics of groups and mentorships, providing pertinent insights to aid your future decisions.
Aubrey lays bare the undefined influence of personal inner healing on marketing approaches, sharing wisdom from her experiences as a guest expert in elite mastermind groups. She discusses the readiness required to undertake the intensive work of personal healing, in tandem with staying authentic amidst struggles for acceptance.
Discover how to approach challenging feedback, as Aubrey shares her strategies for retaining resolve and returning as a guest speaker, even after initial disappointments. The episode revolves around "soul-aligned marketing," offering tips on identifying whether a group, mentorship, or membership resonates with you.
Uncover the essence of an open, safe group environment and why its support is crucial. Aubrey puts forward valuable insights on selecting suitable mentors or communities, offers guidance on personal growth, and shares relatable experiences to help steer your decision-making process.
Business success often hinges on identifying opportunities aligned with your values and objectives. This episode unpacks the decision-making process involving personal and business growth opportunities, stressing the need to measure your capabilities alongside the actual merits of opportunities before committing.
In the context of mentorship programs or membership groups, the role of dedicated investment of time, effort, and finances are discussed. The episode emphasizes the pivotal role of active participation in reaping the comprehensive benefits of any growth opportunity.
The episode further examines the contrast between decision making driven by fear versus abundance. It reminds listeners that decisions should be grounded on firm, positive beliefs, avoiding fear-induced choices.
Learn how to evaluate potential mentors or memberships, with an emphasis on trusting your intuition and conducting thorough background checks. The show underscores the importance of self-trust in your journey of personal and business growth.
In conclusion, the episode suggests that successful decision making for growth opportunities depends on understanding both the opportunity and your place within that opportunity. Remember, your intuition is the perfect compass on this journey.

Friday Apr 12, 2024

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In this eye-opening episode, I delve into a topic frequently on my mind: the contrast between feminine and masculine energy. I examine the way we usually navigate our lives and businesses with masculine energy, which might not work for us women long-term. I highlight how our society often pushes women to put others before themselves and how this habit affects our lives and harms our businesses. When we prioritize others, we leave not only ourselves but also opportunities behind.
We discuss what happens when we consistently go about our routines, frequenting our favorite spots, and completing our everyday tasks the same way. While routines can offer comfort, they can also limit our exposure to new and exciting opportunities. Sometimes, we need to shake up the norm and put ourselves in unique situations, exercising our flexibility and openness to change.
In order to craft healthier and more productive ways of living, it's critical to understand where your energy goes and how you can harness it for the better. This episode provides valuable insight into assessing our lives so that we can begin making small changes that will open up new paths and possibilities. Listen in for a deeper comprehension of how feminine and masculine energy impact our decisions and actions, and learn how you can begin to create room for growth, both personally and professionally.
This podcast is intended for anyone looking for a fresh perspective on their life and business. If you're keen on living more authentically, embracing change, challenging societal norms, and opening your life to new opportunities, this episode is a must-listen!

Monday Apr 08, 2024

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In this episode, our host shares her hilarious and insightful journey through tax season. Balancing her business life amid piles of receipts and dark chocolate espresso beans, she provides an authentic look at the joys and challenges of business ownership. From recounting her 25% business growth last year to reflecting on an unexpected eclipse, she inspires listeners with her unique approach to daily business tasks.
She dives into the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship, while advocating for a mindset shift around not-so-fun tasks. Relating her personal experiences, she emphasizes the importance of detaching anxiety from routine business chores and embracing them as part of the wonderful flow of abundance.
Towards the end, she reminds listeners that spending becomes an act of enriching the community, investing in personal wellbeing and fostering emotional and mental wealth. She prompts listeners to choose optimism even in the face of anxiety and to view each business task as a unique, abundant opportunity.
In the conclusion, she extends an invitation to join her ongoing courses and become part of her thriving community of like-minded, creative business owners. Whether you're bracing for tax season or steering through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, this episode promises to resonate with you.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

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In this captivating episode, join our enthusiastic host as they share engaging personal tales and delve into meaningful topics revolving around emotional release and intelligence. Through their own vibrant spring break family experiences and participating in a significant orchestral choral performance, our host offers insight into the delicate balance of embracing and containing emotions.
Learn more about the exciting April focus of the 'We are Magnetic Women' membership program. It is a fantastic resource for those seeking personal growth without a significant commitment. The program will aim to release creative blocks and tackle people-pleasing behavior, all at an impressively affordable price.
Follow the host’s vivid account of preparing for their emotionally demanding choir performance with their child, Aspen. Immerse yourself in their story of emotional restraint, relief, and how the power of music led them to an intense process of emotional release. Realize the essential practice of processing emotions, which can often be overlooked, to maintain a balanced, productive and healthy life.
Experience a peek into dealing with situations where it’s tough or improper to express emotions freely. Find solace in visual exercises like imagining a balloon, and be prepared to navigate such instances with strength and resilience. These practical strategies can provide the much-needed tools to manage, process and release your own suppressed or ignored feelings.
Finally, explore the constructive aspect of crying, often stigmatized, as a healthy form of emotional release. This episode strives to debunk such stereotypes and accentuates the importance of emotional processing for overall well-being and mental health. Get ready to step into a world of enhanced emotional intelligence with this enlightening episode
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Friday Mar 22, 2024

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In this deeply personal episode of Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs, your host, Aubrey Bahr, opens up about her unique journey as a Christian woman who is also a healer. By sharing her experiences and internal struggles with juggling faith and healing work, she illuminates the significance of personal decisions and the role of divine guidance in her life.
Throughout the episode, Aubrey speaks candidly about her transformative journey from being a massage therapist to becoming a spiritual healer. Shining light on her complex path, she challenges widespread misunderstandings about healing and spirituality within the Christian community, even as she acknowledges the pitfalls of scams in spiritual work.
Aubrey offers her listeners insight into how they can integrate spiritual gifts, energy healing, and subconscious work to further their personal wellness. Offering reassurances based on biblical references, she emphasizes the need to embrace, not fear, the unseen aspects of God's creation and their potential aid in healing and growth.
Engaging, honest, and filled with hope, this episode is an invitation to reflect, learn, and participate in ongoing conversations about the intersection of Christianity and energy healing. Discover how Aubrey's experiences may inspire your own journey to enhance your faith and overall wellbeing.

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

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Welcome creative entrepreneurs! You love what you do, and I am grateful to be with you on this journey. Your feedbacks on the podcast have been incredibly inspiring. If you're enjoying the content and haven't left a review yet, I would greatly appreciate if you could take some time to write one. It helps more people discover this resource.
In this episode, we discuss creativity and how we can optimize it. Whether you're a photographer, designer, entrepreneur or simply a hobbyist, creativity is essential in bringing your ideas to life. However, we all experience moments where inspiration seems hard to come by. So how do we keep the creative juices flowing?
I share some tips that have worked for me. As a subconscious release technique practitioner, I believe in the energy flow within our bodies affecting our mind and creativity. One of the keys is movement. Don’t stay stuck at your desk for too long. Get up, move around and stimulate the flow of energy within you. Ground yourself by imagining your feet as being connected to the earth. I find immense joy in my beach walks and grounding myself aids in clearing my mind, helping me think better. If you can't do it physically due to certain circumstances, trick your mind by visualising.
If you're facing an ongoing creative block, shake things up with some movement. Dancing works for me. Or try some hip openers in yoga or any stretching to get your energy flowing. It's an immediate hack to your creative block. But remember, like a Band-Aid, this isn’t a permanent solution. Addressing the root problem would yield longer-lasting results.
To delve deeper into creativity-based topics, join my masterclass Reignite Your Creative Passion. Details will be up soon in the show notes! If you're not already in, join the email list to get the updates. This episode is a love letter to my listeners. Try out the tips, and let's start a creative revolution!
Please share this episode with a fellow creative entrepreneur who might benefit from it. Check out the show notes for my free Facebook community and ways to work with me. See you soon!

Friday Mar 15, 2024

Welcome to Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs, hosted by Aubrey Barr, a subconscious release technique practitioner, and photography business owner. Aubrey shares her personal journey of recognizing the significance of play and its impact on her work and personal life. She discusses her experience as a creative entrepreneur and the importance of breaking away from a 'work hard' mentality to create a balanced, fulfilling, and sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle.Aubrey shares her struggles with incorporating play into her life, citing examples from her own experiences to provide practical insights. She highlights how play is a core aspect of personal growth and happiness that often gets overlooked, particularly among work-oriented individuals. The podcast emphasizes that incorporating play into your routine isn't just about one-off activities, but it's a constant commitment to nurturing your wellbeing and creativity. With her candid revelations, Aubrey explains that incorporating play into your professional life should not be seen as an indulgence but as an integral component of nurturing a healthy business. The podcast unfolds the reality of building and sustaining a business, debunking the misconception about sacrificing play and personal life in the initial business-building stages.In her riveting talk, Aubrey articulates how incorporating rewarding activities and taking mindful pauses can profoundly improve productivity and focus. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, she provides practical advice on what 'play' could look like for various individuals, encouraging listeners to add elements of play into their daily routines to improve their overall work-life balance. The podcast acts as a compelling call to action for entrepreneurs who are willing to re-frame their perspectives about work and play, promoting the idea of creating a business around their lives and not the other way around. With this talk, Aubrey strives to inspire listeners to realize that they are worthy of more than just 'hard work' and that their success fundamentally rests on creating a harmonious balance between work and play. Additionally, a special mention is given to the Deep Healing for Creative Soul program, inviting listeners to participate in this transformative journey of adding more play into their lives to foster personal and professional growth. Check the show notes for more information about the free meditation guide mentioned in this episode about attracting clients, as well as links for further engagement with Aubrey and her work.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

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In this episode of "Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs," join Aubrey Bahr, a subconscious release technique practitioner and business owner, on a transformative journey toward discovering your authentic confidence and deepening your self-love. This powerful conversation challenges you to think beyond surface confidence, daring you to seek out undiscovered depths of self-belief hidden beneath your daily routines.
Aubrey discusses the surprising findings of a German study about the highest vibrational emotion in human experience, throwing light on the role authenticity plays in self-love and genuine confidence. She provides useful insights into overcoming negative self-perceptions and embracing one's imperfections with compassion and understanding. She argues that embracing self-love and authenticity leads not only to personal growth but also to success in your business.
Sharing her own journey of self-discovery, Aubrey explains the importance of not settling for a superficial level of self-love but of diving deeper to uncover the roots of self-limiting beliefs and doubts. She also extends an invitation to her transformative program, "Deep Healing for the Creative Soul," a comprehensive course focused on unlocking self-love, overcoming palpable anxieties, and promoting decision-making confidence.
If this episode awakens something within you and stirs your aspirations to live a more authentically confident life, sign up for the personalized sessions included in the program through the link provided in the show notes. Immerse in this empowering transformation towards authentic confidence and genuine self-love that shapes not just who you are, but also the way you conduct your business.
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Friday Mar 08, 2024

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Welcome to another episode of our podcast, where we explore the dark night of the soul that most creative individuals experience. The episode highlights the emotional roller coaster ride that creative entrepreneurs often find themselves on, bouncing between periods of thriving creativity and introspective dives. It underscores that having a creative outlet isn’t a mere hobby, but an integral part of our identity and emotional wellbeing.
Your host, Aubrey Bahr, a subconscious release technique practitioner, handholds you through unraveling the misconceptions around creative plateaus. We discuss the common mistake of seeking external diversions like projects, vacations, or retreats instead of confronting our deep-rooted issues during these low periods. Such escapes only offer temporary relief, pushing the core issue back into the shadows.
This episode takes you on a journey into understanding the importance of recognizing these phases of downward spiraling not as failures, but as an opportunity for deep healing and growth. Our goal is to encourage creative entrepreneurs to face their shadows, break down the barriers holding them back, and come out a better, healed person. The concept of constant growth and learning from our lows forms the backbone of this discussion, urging listeners to shift their perspective on their emotional journeys.
Join us for a real and raw exploration into the mysterious and often misunderstood recesses of the creative soul and how to navigate your way through it. Don't miss out on this deep dive into self-discovery, unmasking hidden trauma, and steering your way towards authentic healing and growth.
Along with this intriguing discussion, we provide insights into our program, "Deep Healing for the Creative Soul" starting this Monday. Be a part of the revolution; embrace your lows, learn from them, and emerge stronger, more inspired, and creatively enriched. Remember, embracing these lows does not diminish the essence of who you are; instead, it only enhances your creative calling. We’ll see you on the other side!
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Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

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In this episode, discover an unanticipated revelation about tapping into intuition and how it shapes the messages I share with you. Tune in as we discuss an exciting upcoming program, "Deep Healing for the Creative Soul.". This program intends to help creatives let go of generational and childhood trauma, programming that makes them feel unworthy, and deal with the imposter syndrome. During the 16-week course, we also aim to break down the facets leading up to burnout, work on releasing trapped emotions, overcoming creative blocks, and dealing with money mindset. Tune in to see how this program could entirely transform your life within four short months.
If you're someone driven to create an impact, who wishes to make others' lives better, this episode is particularly special. Are you a coach, a mentor, an artist, or a businessperson contemplating adding teaching, coaching, or mentoring to your arena? Listen in to discover how you can venture into mentorship, helping others see how vast and beautiful their life could be. Explore how you might incorporate a Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) into your life as a practitioner, and consider how imbuing this technique might bring valuable transformations to the lives around you.
Finally, we discuss the exciting offer of SRT practitioner certification, now discounted at half-off. This episode offers the opportunity to journey through a transformational year and probably inspire others along your path. With emotional healing, trauma healing, and moving beyond limiting beliefs predicted to stay in the limelight, where would you position yourself? Reach out if you’re inspired to join a community that aspires together, or if you have any questions about the SRT practitioner certification.
Aubrey is an Intuitive Coach and Healer. For the last 3 years, she has been working one-on-one with her clients to reach their ultimate potential through breaking down generational and childhood trauma. Between running a birth photography business and and being a Spiritual Coach for Creatives, she has spent a lot of time with creative entrepreneurs helping them to reprogram their minds. This has taught her endless lessons about how our thoughts impact every aspect of life, whether that’s business, relationship or self confidence. She runs a Podcast and program called Deep Healing for Creative Entrepreneurs and she loves spending any extra time with her family, her animals and traveling!


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